Country Cream® Instant 100% Real Nonfat Powdered Milk

Touted the "best tasting" powdered milk in the country.

NOT a milk alternative, we're talking REAL milk!

That is, because it is 100% milk from the finest Wisconsin cow milk, after the cream milk fat is removed, vitamins A & D added, the 100% pure milk is then air dried at low heat in a single pass process to retain its freshness and nutrients. That is why it tastes fresher and according to our customers just like skim, 1% or 2% depending on the concentration it is mixed.

Voted #1 in taste tests with other national and local brand powdered milks.

Milk, Dutch Chocolate Milk drink, Soy Milk, Chocolate Soy Milk and MilQ whey drink (Milk Alternative) are the country's best in powdered milk products.

Customers from all around the United States and Canada buy only Country Cream® products as they have found our products meet or  exceed their needs for milk alternatives and/or long storage.

Our soy milk powder is made from Certified Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (Non-GMO) solids and provides complete nutrition with all nine critical nutrients. It contains natural occurring isoflavones and photo-estrogens from Non-GMO soy.

Be sure you see “Country Cream®” on the label to get the best milk products available!

Try it! If you're looking for a delicious powdered milk but are hesitant to buy a can that makes up to 5 gallons and would just like to try it. We now have a one and a half (1.5) serving trial packet of our Country Cream® 100% Real Instant Milk! See our dealers below for details.

Can't drink milk? Have to use an alternative?

Soy!? Got Soy Milk? We do!

The best (of course) Non-GMO Soy drink is also a Country Cream® product. Made with the best ingredients and the best tasting to boot our customers from all over the nation buy only our powdered soy milk.


Your Milk Alternative Alternative!

Does your stomach wretch at the thought of drinking one of those "alternative" milk products? Now we have an alternative milk product called MilQ, a whey based product with the same great milk taste you expect from the Country Cream® product line. We spent months perfecting the taste to get it right. Compare it with other non-milk alternatives and we think you'll agree it tastes more like milk than any other.


Don't just take our word for it, though, listen to our customers just like you...

National Self Reliance Expo

We were at the National Self Reliance Expo (Denver, Sept. 2011) with our products. Below is an interview with Craig Fairclough our founder.



ON my last order, I was upset to find this was not dried whole milk, but I decided to give it a try anyway. After the lousy milk from the cannery and other sources I didn't have much hope for Country Cream. Imagine my family's surprise when it turned out to be the best powdered milk we've ever had. When it is reconstituted it is immediately drinkable. I'd recommend this to anyone who routinely hates powdered milk - give it a try and you'll be delighted at the quality of the product.

Ann Zavala


I have been looking for a powdered milk to store long term in my pantry for use in case of emergencies.  Everything I tried in the grocery stores tasted awful! I stumbled across your web site and I purchased one can each of your white powdered milk and your chocolate milk.  I didn't want to purchase more in case we didn't like the taste.
We tried the chocolate milk first and I have to tell you, it's the tastiest, creamiest, smoothest chocolate powdered milk I have ever bought!  I gave some to my husband to try and he agreed with me, too.  We haven't tried the white powdered milk yet but when we do, I'm sure it will taste just as good.
I also bought one can of your Eagle Feather butter and it too was delicious.  It reminded me of the butter that my grandparents had at their house when we were growing up.  Thanks again for such delicious products.  I will be purchasing in bulk from your company from now on.  Keep up the good work.
L. Furlong

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